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BB Glow

BB Glow Physiolab is a multitasking essence with a natural organic composition. Gently unifies the skin tone to create a transparent camouflage, while actively caring for and nourishing the skin. The treatment is painless and non-invasive, also for skin with a low tolerance. This is a repair therapy. BB Glow Physiolab as the only one on the market contains probiotics of plant origin and smooth liquorice root extract (like the original first medicinal BB cream) that stimulate the skin’s immune system. Leaven acid with less severe lesions can replace Hydrocortisone. Vegetable ferments, which improve balance to microbial skin by calming capillaries, moisturizing, and brightening. By doing BB Glow as a banquet treatment the effect of the illumination is visible immediately (up to a month) and is due to the epidermal positioning of the pigment molecules. As a care treatment performed in a series plant ingredients is active much longer. The treatment derives from the tradition of Korean care, the ampoules have a very rich composition, without any mineral oils, strongly moisturizes and improves the elasticity of the skin, without reaching for invasive procedures with a high risk of complications.