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Eyes play an important role in facial evaluation. Some eye characteristics that contribute to this effect are eye size, proportion of iris to the whole eye, eye colour, eye roundness and, of course, eyelashes. Understanding of the importance of gorgeous lashes to facial beauty has made the eyelash industry become a billion dollar industry. One of the most popular lash treatments is lash extensions. There are a ton of reasons to love eyelash extensions. Read below to see if I’ve listed those reasons right.

  • With lash extensions, you wake up looking vibrant with beautiful lashes. You can say goodbye to your eyelash curler and layers of waterproof mascara.  
  • Thick, long lashes instantly make you look more youthful, make your eyes look bigger and brighter, and they enhance the colour of your eyes.
  • Glue-on false lashes are heavy after a day of wear, and sit on top of your eyelashes. Even mascara starts to feel irritating if you’ve accidentally applied it too much or have left it on too long. Eyelash extensions applied by a professional are weightless, and you’ll forget theyy are there after a day of wear.


Every individual has unique eye characteristics that are best suited to certain types of styling, curl types, and lash lengths. Anyone who unluckily has had a bad lash extension experience can attest to the fact that it’s not a one-size-fits-all type of business. Not many people know that there are actually different styles of eyelash extensions. Keep scrolling down to explore what are the basic eyelash extension shapes.
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This is a dramatic eyelash style achieved by placing the same length of lash extensions throughout your lash line to create a doll eye or baby doll look.

Love the winged eyeliner look? Then take a look at this eyelash style! Longer length lash extensions are placed on the outer edges to produce a flared cat eye effect.

This look places emphasis on the centre of your eye by highlighting with longer length lash extensions throughout the midsection of the lash line. The corners are tapered down which creates an open eye effect.

Eyelash extensions are placed following the curvature of your own lash line.


It is necessary to note that there are so many factors to consider when you get your eyelashes done. Something that needs to be taken into consideration is personal preferences along with lifestyle, bone structure, eye shape and the length and density of your natural lashes. But first of all, go find the most flattering eyelash extension style to get, according to your eye shape! 
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  • Monolid or hooded eyes are eyes that are hidden under the hood and have no crease and little to no visible eyelid space. This eye shape also typically has straighter natural lashes, so choosing a curl with more flare will create added drama, and openness. Eyelash extensions have the power to create the appearance of more open and larger eyes. If you have small eyelids, ensure medium lengths to be used on the middle outer eye to give a big round eye appearance. Depending on the size of your eyelid, the lash line can disappear under the lid. You’ll want to open up hooded lids and break through a heavy lash line. Take note that long, thick lashes might look too heavy and can make your eyes look smaller. Instead, choose eyelashes that are shorter and more natural-looking. Lashes that are slightly longer in the center can also help to create an illusion of depth. 


  • Almond eyes, like the name suggests, are eyes that are in the shape of an almond so the length is greater than the height and there is a slight upward flick at the outer corners. Almond eye shape is very common and versatile so it would suit any eyelash extension style. But even if almond eyes don’t need correcting doesn’t mean that the client doesn’t have preferences in terms of the effect they are trying to achieve. For an elongated shape, more lashes and longer lashes need to be applied on the outer corners. Choosing the cat eye style will emphasise the length of your eye and give a very alluring and mysterious look. If you’re going for a more dramatic look, it’s good to opt for the open eye or doll eye style. For a more open shape and rounded effect or doll eye shape, the longer extensions need to go in the middle. 


  • Round eye shape is characterised by having a height the same (or very close to the same) as the length. Round eyes are naturally very open and alert, but if styled incorrectly they can end up looking surprised, and for that reason, it takes a talented lash artist to make sure the extensions enhance the eyes of the client and don’t just exaggerate that look of surprise. You will want a style that elongates and balances out the largeness of those beautiful bright eyes of yours. Lash extension style recommendation is the cat eye because it will add length to your eyes without adding much height and help to balance them.


  • Downturned eyes have a slight dropping on the outer corners. This eye shape can sometimes give the impression of sad or tired eyes, which is why most people are looking to visually extend the outer corners of their pretty eyes out and up a little bit with clever use of makeup, or in this case, lash extensions. The eyelash extension goal is to create volume on the upper outer corner of each eye to help lift the eyes. This type of eye will benefit most from a voluminous, sexy cat eye lash style and the more volume and drama towards the outer edges the better. These extensions will craft the illusion of more open, larger and brighter eyes.


  • Deep set eyes are placed deeper into the eye socket and have a prominent brow bone. The goal with this shape is to visually pull the eyes forward and highlight them. Deep set eye shape does not really benefit from dramatic lashes or a severe curl, but is actually flattered by longer and straighter extensions. Eyelash extension recommendations for deep set eyes are the baby doll or open eye lash style to achieve the appearance of more open, alert eyes. 

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Whatever your eye shape is, eyelash extensions can be a beautiful compliment to your natural beauty if done well. From making the eye look more open to highlighting a certain feature – different looks suit different eye shapes. I bet you didn’t know that so much technique goes into lash extensions. That’s why you should choose an eyelash style which suits you best, and more importantly, find a certified lash expert from a top-notch beauty salon to perform your procedure. Experienced eyelash technicians will look carefully at your unique eye shape and tailor your extensions around that, instead of determining the same lash curl and length for all of their clients. The easiest way to get this lash trend is to simply book an appointment at a professional eyelash extension lounge near you!